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What Factors Will Affect The Ink Scraper Blade Pressure?
Jul 24, 2017

Now many industries have to use the ink scraper blade products, generally in the application of ink scraper blade, due to all kinds of pressure, which makes the application of the product is not good, then the impact of ink Scraper Blade pressure is why? The following Xiaobian to one by one list.

Ink Scraper Blade pressure actually refers to the squeegee applied to the roller pressure of the roller, and the impact of ink blade blade pressure there are two factors, on the one hand is the non-graphic area outside the network of ink outside the clean, and on the other hand Is to resist the impact of ink, to prevent ink from the knife outflow. And ink Scraper Blade pressure is too small, it will seriously affect the quality of printed materials; and ink scraper blade pressure is too large, will reduce the ink transfer rate, the plate roll and scraper blade wear is great.

In short, the ink scraper blade in use, the pressure can not be too large, nor too small, moderate like.

The factors that affect the pressure of the squeegee are the size of the cylinder pressure, the difference between the hard and soft blades, the angle of the doctor blade and the plate cross, the greater the slope, the greater the pressure. Excessive pressure will reduce the rate of ink transfer, the printing plate, the blade wear more; too small pressure prone to dirty version or the emergence of blade blade line. The sharpness of the knife depends on whether the new knife, sharpening the blade angle, the use of sandpaper (Whetstone) models. The sharpness of the knife should be both effective to clean the ink and do not produce a knife. Too sharp scraper blade is often prone to knife marks, while wear plate. 3. The distance between the blade and the printing plate The reduction in the distance of the printing plate is conducive to the improvement of the ink transfer rate, but it is prone to the dirty version. On the contrary, it can effectively solve the dirty version and prevent some fine wire marks, but will reduce the ink Transfer rate. The flattening and warping of the knife depends mainly on the method of the device, and of course it may be related to the foreign matter of the blade or the blade and the lining.

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