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Welding Method Of Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit
Jun 20, 2017

1, welded cutting tool structure should be sufficient rigidity enough rigidity is the maximum allowable dimensions and the use of higher strength of the steel and heat treatment to ensure.

2, Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit should be fixed solid carbide welding blade should have enough fixed degree of solid, it is by the knife and welding quality to ensure that it is based on the blade shape and tool geometry parameters to select the blade grooved shape The

3, carefully check the arbor.

Before cutting the Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit to the arbor, it is necessary to check the blade and the cutter bar. First, check that the blade bearing surface can not be bent seriously. The cemented carbide welding surface must not have a serious carburizing layer. The surface of the Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit and the dirt in the arbor groove should be removed to ensure reliable welding.

4, the rational use of solder

In order to ensure the welding strength, should choose the appropriate solder in the welding process, should ensure good wetting and mobility, and remove the bubbles, so that welding and alloy welding surface full contact, no solder phenomenon.

5, the correct choice of welding flux

It is recommended to use industrial borax, before use in the drying furnace should be dehydration treatment, and then crushed, sieved to remove mechanical debris, stand.

6, the choice of mesh compensation pads

In order to reduce the welding stress, it is recommended to use a sheet with a thickness of 0.2--0.5mm or a mesh-compensated gasket with a mesh diameter of 2 - 3mm when welding high titanium low cobalt fine alloy and welding long and thin alloy blade The

7, the correct use of grinding method

As the Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit brittle, the formation of strong sensitivity to the crack, so the tool in the grinding process should avoid overheating or quenching, but also choose the appropriate size of the grinding wheel and reasonable grinding process to avoid the occurrence of grinding cracks, Affect tool life.

8, the correct installation of the tool

When installing the tool, the length of the knife head should be as small as possible. Otherwise, it will cause the tool to vibrate and damage the alloy sheet.

9, the correct re-grinding, grinding tools

When the tool is used for normal grinding, it must be reworked and reworked. It must be used to grind the edge of the blade and the tip of the tool nose. This will improve the service life and safety and reliability of the tool.

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