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The Scraper Blade Has Excellent Performance
May 25, 2017

To a dewatering blade blade which is capable of reducing wear of a mating member and having excellent shape retaining ability. The dewatering blade (10) has a structure in which the resin is injected into the fiber stack (50), wherein the substrate (20) and the fiber or batt (30) are joined together by needling and adjusted so that the porosity Between 50% and 80%. The scraper blade (10) of the above structure is easily adapted to the mating member and has a strong dewatering ability and can reduce the wear of the mating member. In addition, since it has excellent shape-retaining characteristics, there is little occurrence of deformation due to long-term use.

The first storage environment, and the preservation method, even if the scraper blade has good corrosion resistance, but the real corrosion resistance of the performance, with the time with the working hours lead to reduced corrosion resistance, and the preservation of the blade environment can not Careless, so the best choice to prevent the occurrence of corrosion should be a dry environment, which can be very good to reduce the need for unnecessary corrosion. Another way is to place the blade, the best way is to hang it, because if you put it flat, the Scraper Blade will be more weak blade distortion, resulting in a sharp scratch of the scraper, in order to prevent this situation Appear, the best way is to hang.

The second small problem requires a major maintenance, in fact, scraper in the course of the use of any problems in the operation of staff, need to pay attention because this shows that Scraper Blade

In the event of wear if not repaired, no replacement may lead to a greater loss of the blade, greater damage, resulting in scraping efficiency, the quality of scraping a significant impact on the interests of users a long-term impact, so pay attention In the event of a small problem when the need for timely maintenance, to prevent the emergence of greater losses.

The sharpening method is to hang the squeegee in a vertical position, pulling the friction material back and forth until the Scraper Blade becomes smooth. If there is a belt scrubbing machine or disc-like grinding machine, it will save a lot of work. The speed of the scrubbing machine is between 1000 and 1300 revolutions per minute. If the speed exceeds 1300 rpm, the rubber may melt, because most synthetic rubber is a thermoplastic material, heat becomes soft. If this happens, you can add a small amount of water to cool it to prevent decomposition and softening. In addition, to gently press the rubber, so that it can get friction and not melt. Another way to sharpen the blade is to cut a portion of the blunt Scraper Blade with a knife that is sharper than a blade, a manual cutter, or a mechanical cutter. If the blade or cutter is wiped with a damp cloth, it is easier to cut off the rubber blade. If the Scraper Blade is very serious damage, so that can not be polished, then had to change a new blade. The squeegee must be kept clean and cleaned with a cleaning agent for cleaning the screen. Do not clean the squeegee sticky ink later harder to clean. And the dry ink may react with the various colors of the ink after printing. After the doctor has been cleaned, it will be stored for two hours before use to allow the solution to evaporate thoroughly. In addition, if the storage time is longer, it is recommended to use French lime powder spray on the blade to protect the blade. Normally, it should be hung or placed on the turret.

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