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The Main Wear Of The Ink Scraper Blade
Oct 13, 2017

Ink scraper blade loss is mainly caused by the role of scraping, determined by the different conditions. Sometimes it may be because the installation of the doctor blade problems, and sometimes may be due to the adhesion of the resulting, in the use of different methods when the results are not the same, the specific circumstances of the loss to see the following description!

First, with the installation of ink scraper blade

Second, different ways to use different results

1, due to adhesion produced

In the scraper blade and the roll between the two surface contact, the tiny particles produced by the shear movement caused.

Due to the failure of the ink separation.

2, abrasive wear

Whenever there is a hard material between the scraper blade and the plate roll, there is a loss due to its friction.

Gravure ink forms agglomerate.

Some inks, such as inorganic inks, are itself more polished than other inks.

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