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The Main Purpose Of The Cutter Is
Feb 10, 2017

Generally divided into:

1. Flat end milling cutter, rough milling, removal of a large number of blanks, a small area of horizontal plane or contour milling;

2. Ball end mill, semi-surface milling and fine milling; knife can be refined milling steep surface / straight small chamfer;

3. Flat-head milling cutter with chamfering, rough milling can be done to remove a large number of rough, but also fine milling fine surface (relative to the steep surface) small chamfer;

4. Forming cutter, including chamfering knife, T-shaped cutter or called the drum-type knife, tooth-type knife, the R knife;

5. Chamfer knives, chamfering knife shape and chamfer shape the same, divided into milling and chamfering chamfering cutter;

6.T-type knife, milling T-slot;

7. Tooth-type knife, milling out a variety of tooth types, such as gears;

8. Rough knives, for aluminum-copper alloy cutting design of the rough cutter, can be quickly processed.

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