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The Life Of The Ink Scraper Blade Is Generated
Jun 08, 2017

With the progress of social development, people increasingly demanding the packaging. The main advantage of gravure printing is the strong color tone, rich color, gravure printing of its main advantages determine the exquisite packaging generally require gravure printing. However, there are many factors that affect the quality of gravure prints, such as the impact of the environment, the technical level of the operator, the quality of the ink, the quality of the equipment, and so on. The impact of ink blade blade on the quality of gravure printed matter is particularly important, ink scraper blade adjustment is not only a direct impact on the quality of printed materials, but also on the life of ink scraper have a great impact.

In order to facilitate the adjustment of the squeegee, as well as to ensure the quality of printed materials, so that the printing plate roller can be scraped clean, do not produce knife or version of the fog defects, so the doctor blade mechanism is divided into several functional devices. Its main components are scraper left and right of the drive device, scraping knife from the pressure device, ink scraper blade lifting device, the doctor blade angle adjustment device and scraper plate device. Some of the left and right of the squeegee is driven by a separate motor, and some are driven by the main drive by the worm gear. The clutch pressure is achieved by the cylinder through the manual valve, which functions primarily to bring the blade into contact or From the plate roll; squeegee knife lifting device is achieved by the rack and pinion, can achieve the pressure adjustment; razor blade angle adjustment is achieved by the worm, the appropriate angle is essential; scraper plate by the upper plate , The lower splint, the blade pad and the blade, which can easily adjust the amount of protrusion of the scraper.

The parts of the mechanism of the blade scraper blade affect the quality of the printed matter from different aspects. Therefore, the adjustment of the squeegee is essential, in the long-term production practice found that as long as the various functions of the doctor blade mechanism in the printing before the appropriate adjustments can avoid the impact of print quality defects. Here are some of the experiences of the squeegee adjustment:

1. Scraper blade around the rotation is achieved through the eccentric shaft rotation, from the left limit to the right limit has a sudden change in speed, so the number of reciprocating from the squeegee per minute and the number of revolutions per minute rotation speed is unlimited Decimal, the general selection of 1/7 or 1/9, this can change the blade on the roller in the track, and the scraper on the impurities through the left and right channeling down to reduce the knife line, so that the effect of better scraping. Rotate the eccentric shaft to the left limit and adjust the thread of the joint bearing so that the compression spring inside the left bracket is subjected to the maximum amount of compression.

2. The overall rigidity of the blade blade mechanism is also a major factor affecting the quality of printing, especially high-speed gravure printing presses. When the roll rotates, the plate rolls the ink under the scraper, and the ink has a force on the scraper so that the scraper is tilted by the outward tendency to overcome the trend and have a pressure on the plate roll to force the plate roll If the scraper is too rigid, in order to scratch the net outside the ink, will inevitably increase the pressure of the cylinder, thereby increasing the pressure on the plate roll, so that the blade and the version of the roll Easy to wear, resulting in a relatively large waste. Of course, the best working condition is to use the minimum scraper pressure scraping the net outside the roller mesh ink, so that both save blade, plate roll and easy to wear. Scraper pressure adjustment of the general situation in the 0.2 ~ 0.3Mpa.

3. The installation accuracy of the scraper blade mechanism is also a major factor affecting the quality of the printing. When installing the doctor blade mechanism, it is necessary to ensure the level of the bottom of the squeegee. If the horizontal accuracy of the doctor blade bottom plate is too poor, Height inconsistency, resulting in scraper about the height of inconsistencies, which caused the pressure of the squeegee knife is inconsistent, thus affecting the quality of printed materials. In the printing process, if found around the shades of different colors, it is necessary to find the level of the edge of the squeegee knife to meet the requirements.

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