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Stainless Steel Milling Cutter How To Choose?
Feb 10, 2017

Milling of stainless steel In addition to end mills and some end mills and carbide cutter materials, the other types of milling cutter are used high-speed steel, especially tungsten-molybdenum and high vanadium high-speed steel has a good effect, the cutter Durability increased W18Cr4V 1 to 2 times. Suitable for the production of stainless steel milling cutter carbide grades YG8, YW2, 813, 798, YS2T, YS30, YS25 and so on.

Spray cooling effect of the most significant, can improve the durability of milling cutter more than doubled; such as the general 10% emulsion cooling, cutting fluid flow should be guaranteed to achieve adequate cooling. Carbide milling cutter milling stainless steel, take Vc = 70 ~ 150m / min, Vf = 37.5 ~ 150mm / min, and should be based on alloy grades and workpiece materials for appropriate adjustments.

Stainless steel adhesion and melting of strong, easy chip adhesion to the cutter blade, the cutting conditions worsen; reverse milling, the blade has been hardened on the surface of the slide, increasing the hardening of the trend; , Vibration, so that the cutter edge easy to collapse edge and wear.

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