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Several Common Types Of Milling Cutters
Feb 10, 2017

Cylindrical cutter:

For horizontal milling machine on the processing plane. Knife distribution in the cutter on the circumference, according to the tooth into straight teeth and spiral teeth two. According to the number of teeth coarse teeth and fine teeth two. Helical tooth coarse tooth cutter small number of teeth, knife high strength, large chip space, suitable for roughing; fine tooth cutter for finishing.

Face milling cutter:

For vertical milling machine, end milling machine or milling machine on the processing plane, the end face and the circumference of both teeth, there are coarse teeth and fine teeth of the points. The structure of the whole, inlaid and indexable three kinds.

End mills:

For processing groove and step surface, etc., teeth on the circumference and end surface, the work can not be along the axial feed. When the end mill through the center of the end teeth, the axial feed.

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