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Scraper Blade Assembly And Adjustment
Jul 03, 2017

1. The installation of the squeegee

① Scraper Blade must be clamped in the standard tool holder, between the knife blade and the knife should be clean, there is no residual ink lumps to ensure that the Scraper Blade clamping flatness, does not produce wave pattern.

② open side of the edge must be up.

③ The main installation dimensions: the distance between the lining and the Scraper Blade is 3 ~ 5mm; the distance between the lining and the tool holder is 15 ~ 20mm.

The blade edge is parallel to the bus of the roll.

Installation sequence: In order to avoid the installation of the Scraper Blade to produce wavy pattern, should first spin the middle of the Scraper Blade, and then gradually to both sides, and both sides rotating rotation, can not step in place, if necessary, the use of rags clamping blades and lining, Pull to the side and install the screws. Inside and outside the knife should be cleaned once a week.

Adjust the squeegee

Scraper Blade in the state of the load, the Scraper Blade itself will be about 5. Of the bending, the bending degree and Scraper Blade hardness, pressure, Scraper Blade and the distance between the lining and so on.

The installation angle of the knife is generally 50. ~ 60. Is appropriate, Scraper Blade installation angle is too small when the layout of the ink is not easy to scrap, and the font prone to smearing phenomenon. Scraper Blade installation angle is too large, although easy to cut off the layout of the ink, but increased the friction between the Scraper Blade and the layout of the impact of both the life; and will be too much ink within the network, is not conducive to shallow The transfer of ink. Production should be based on the actual situation, flexible adjustment and mastery.

The distance from the Scraper Blade to the embossing point is too long, the ink in the mesh will be too dry and too dry for the contact time with the air, which will cause the blocking phenomenon, especially the transfer rate of the shallow net. While the distance is too small will make the non-pattern area from the lubrication of the very thin ink layer, leaving a blank impression on the substrate. The size of the distance is an important control point in printing. 3, grinding of the doctor blade

The blade edge of the contact with the version should be ground to 25. Of the oblique curvature, so that when the Scraper Blade and the layout of the circular arc-shaped contact, neither scratch the layout and the layout of the ink can be scraping the net. If the edge is too sharp, sharp, then the scratch is very easy to scratch the layout, in turn, scratch the layout and make the edge of the formation of small gaps in the printing when the knife line.

Scraper Blade pressure setting

The key to the pressure adjustment of the Scraper Blade is to keep the minimum amount of ink in the non-patterned area of the layout so that this very thin ink layer is lubricated between the plate and the Scraper Blade to reduce the wear and tear. When the pressure is too large, the wear between them will be accelerated, and vice versa can not be scraping the ink, the production needs in accordance with the width, speed and other factors to properly adjust.

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