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Milling Cutter Clamping
Feb 10, 2017

Machining center with milling cutter most of the spring clip folder to use clamp mode, when in cantilever form. In the milling process, and sometimes there may be gradually extended from the cutter holder, resulting in complete loss, so that the workpiece scrapped the scene, the reason is generally due to the knife holder hole and the outer diameter of the tool holder is between the oil film , Resulting in insufficient clamping force. Milling cutter factory usually coated with rust-proof oil, if the use of non-water-soluble cutting oil cutting, knife holder will be attached to a layer of mist in the oil film, sell the knife handle and knife clip are in the oil film, Difficult to firmly clamp the handle, milling cutter is excellent in the processing of loose. Therefore, before the milling tool is installed, should first handle the Ministry of milling cutter and the hole with a cleaning fluid cleaning, dry and then clamping.

When the diameter of the milling cutter is large, even if the tool holder and the tool holder are clean, the knife handle and the corresponding side locking mode with the notch should be used.

Milling cutter may occur after another title is the processing of the cutter in the tool clip port is broken, the reason is generally due to the use of knife clip light is too long, the knife clip port has been worn into a cone-shaped, this time should Replace the new tool holder.

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