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Machining Methods And Future Development Trend Of Thread Milling Cutter
Feb 10, 2017

Principle: Thread milling in the three-axis linkage of the machine (machining center) to complete. In the X, Y-axis go G03 / G02 lap, Z-axis synchronous movement of a pitch P amount.


1, processing accuracy, processing efficiency greatly improved;

2, free from thread structure (external thread / internal thread) and rotation (L / D) restrictions;

3, the durability of the thread cutter is more than 10 times the normal tap and even dozens of times;

4, in the process of CNC milling thread, the diameter of the thread diameter adjustment is very convenient;

5, can be processed with high precision deep thread, large thread, large pitch thread;

6, the same pitch thread milling cutter can process different diameter threads.

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