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Ink Scraper Blade, Where There Is A Need To Go
Oct 13, 2017

The ink scraper blade is a sheet (metal and nonmetal) used on the printing press to scrape excess ink on the surface of the drum. Ink Scraper Blade In each printing process, removing the ink without the pattern area is a key. In offset printing, the ink scraper blade control is a complex process of ink transfer, including ink, plates and paper. In gravure printing, the ink scraper blade is a mechanical operation that is relatively simple, but it has its own uniqueness. The ink scraper blade must be abrasive and efficient in order to ensure the high quality of printing, and it must be suitable for the durability and durability of modern gravure printing. Under normal circumstances, scraper blade is divided into sharp blade scraper blade, circular scraper blade, trapezoidal blade blade. With the progress of science and technology, the use of scraper blades for printing marked: trapezoidal blade because of its own from the beginning to the end of the contact area with the roll constant, print quality consistent, more and more manufacturers are used by the printing.

First, the ink blade blade material

According to the quality of scraper substrate, can be divided into the following scraper:

1, carbon steel scraper

2, stainless steel scraper

3, plastic scraper

4, coated scraper

Ink scraper material requirements with high quality, clean, no impurities, wear.

Second, the shape of the ink scraper blade

Under normal circumstances, the scraper shape has the following three:

1, sharp scraper

2, circular scraper

3, trapezoidal scraper

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