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Ink Scraper Blade Wear And Use Points
Oct 13, 2017

After the ink scraper blade is worn, the wire marks appear in the print. To be replaced in time. Usually pay attention to the knife to open the cleaning, the blade and the blade of the knife to clean the ink. The knife inside the ink for a long time without cleaning, the device blade after the knife-edge will form a curved shape, not straight, the amount of ink on the anilox roller to form a circumferential ink marks, printing difficult to adjust. Plastic scraper blades are generally used for field layout printing, better. As the flexo machine is running at high speed, the abrasion of the knife blade is quick and often causes the polyester plastic scraper blade debris to fall into the ink or sandwiched between the blade and the anilox roller, and then onto the plate, affecting the quality of the print. Steel scraper blade due to wear is small, the general reverse device for shovel scraping, angle of 30 ° ~ 40 °. Scraper blade angle and pressure size, the blade blade wear faster, so the correct device scraper blade is also particularly important for printing. Every time you finish printing to clean the squeegee, be sure to use alcohol scrub blade knife mouth, evaporate the blade blade of water, so as not to rust, affecting the printing when the ink is not uniform.

Ink scraper blade Note:


The factors that affect the pressure of the squeegee are the size of the cylinder pressure, the difference between the hard and soft blades, the angle between the doctor blade and the plate, etc. The greater the slope, the greater the pressure. Excessive pressure will reduce the rate of ink transfer, the printing plate, the blade wear more; too small pressure prone to dirty version or the emergence of scraper blade line.

Knife sharpness

The sharpness of the knife depends on whether the new knife, sharpening the blade angle, the use of sandpaper (Whetstone) models. The sharpness of the knife should be both effective to clean the ink and do not produce a knife. Too sharp scraper blade is often prone to knife marks, while wear plate.

3. The distance between the doctor blade and the printing plate

Scraper blade contact plate reduction in the distance is conducive to improve the ink transfer rate, but prone to dirty version; the contrary can effectively solve the dirty version, and to prevent some small wire marks, but will reduce the ink transfer rate.

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