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Ink Scraper Blade Precautions
Jun 08, 2017


The factors that affect the pressure of the squeegee are the size of the cylinder pressure, the difference between the hard and soft Scraper Blade, the angle between the doctor blade and the plate, etc. The greater the slope, the greater the pressure. Excessive pressure will reduce the transfer rate of the ink, the printing plate, the blade wear more; too small pressure prone to dirty version or the emergence of scraper line.

Knife sharpness

Scraper blade sharpness depends on whether the new knife, sharpening blade angle, the use of sandpaper (Whetstone) models. Scraper blade suitable for sharpness should be both effective to clean the ink, without producing a knife. Too sharp scraper is often prone to knife marks, while wear plate.

3. The distance between the squeegee and the printing plate

Scraper blade contact plate reduction in the distance is conducive to improve the ink transfer rate, but prone to dirty version; the contrary can effectively solve the dirty version, and to prevent some small wire marks, but will reduce the ink transfer rate.

4. The flatness of the knife

The flattening and warping of the blade is mainly dependent on the method of the device, and of course it may be related to the foreign matter of the blade or the blade and the lining.

Scraper blade flatness is poor, the edge of the printing surface will appear some water-like prints, or from time to time there are some intermittent line marks. Some people think that rough ink, ink flow is not good will happen the above phenomenon, in fact, the knife is not flat will occur this situation.

5. The squeegee moves

Scraper Blade and right to move to reduce the scraper line, improve the blade blade utilization, reduce the version of the wear and tear has an important role. If the squeegee moves abnormally, you should think of ways to improve it.

One is caused by injury, and second, scraper is not sharp. But there is another reason is that foreign matter stick in front of the blade. The solution is to move the squeegee up and down in order to get rid of sticky material, if you can not get rid of it, you can only stop wiping the ink knife.

2. The application of bending machine mold in China

From the perspective of the development of China's manufacturing industry can be seen, China's manufacturing industry has developed rapidly in recent years. For the CNC bending machine mold industry, this means a great market. In this context, China's low level of manufacturing costs is a recognized fact. From the labor productivity, there are statistical data show that China and Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries compared to about 3 to 5 times the gap. Such a large market, low level of labor productivity, coupled with the continuous progress of manufacturing technology and development of CNC bending machine mold industry, both opportunities and challenges. Market demand for CNC bending machine mold, not only the amount of growth, more importantly, the quality of the increase. From the user industry, there are seven industries on the NC bending machine mold the most significant demand.

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