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How To Select The Number Of Cutter Teeth?
Feb 10, 2017

For example, the diameter of lOOmm sparse tooth cutter only 6 teeth, while the diameter of lOOmm dense tooth cutter can have 8 teeth. Knife-intensive or will affect the level of production efficiency and product quality is good or bad.

If the knife-intensive, production efficiency will increase, the quality of the workpiece is better, but the knife-intensive will lead to chip discharge inconvenience. According to the diameter of the tooth size, can be divided into thin teeth, fine teeth, dense teeth.

Sparse teeth used in the roughing of the workpiece, each 25.4mm diameter with 1 ~ 1.5 blades, large chip space, this tool is used to produce continuous cutting of soft materials, chips, long blade selection, large width cut. Closed teeth for smooth processing conditions, generally used for roughing of cast iron, but also for high-temperature alloy shallow cutting, narrow cutting and no space when the cutting chip.

Fine teeth for fine milling, the axial cutting depth of 0.25 ~ 0.64mm, each tooth cutting load is small, the required power is not, such as for thin-walled materials processing. The size of the tooth pitch will determine the number of teeth to be cut at the same time during milling. At least one blade should be cut during cutting to avoid the impact of milling, resulting in tool damage and machine overload.

In addition, the number of blade teeth must be selected so that the chips are properly crimped and are easily removed from the cutting zone. Incorrect chip space will result in chip damage, damage to the cutting edge and possible damage to the workpiece.

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