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How To Maintain The Milling Cutter Maintenance Tips
Feb 10, 2017

1. Check the power and rigidity of the machine to ensure that the required milling cutter diameter can be used on the machine.

2. Spindle on the tool overhangs as short as possible to reduce the milling cutter axis and the impact of the location of the impact load.

3. Use the correct cutter pitch for this process to ensure that there are not too many inserts at the same time that are engaged with the work piece to cause vibration when cutting. On the other hand, be sure to have sufficient clearance when milling a narrow workpiece or milling a pocket Of the blade and the workpiece.

4. Ensure that the feed per blade is used so that the correct cutting effect is obtained when the chip is sufficiently thick to reduce tool wear. An indexable insert with a positive rake groove is used to achieve a smooth cutting effect and minimum power.

5. Select the width of the cutter for the workpiece diameter.

6. Select the correct main declination.

7. Place the cutter correctly.

8. Use cutting fluid only if necessary.

9. Follow the rules for tool maintenance and repair, and monitor tool wear

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