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How To Choose The Appropriate Tungsten Road Milling Holder
Sep 26, 2017

Many of the friends used to cut the Road Milling Holder for the application of the cutter is not very understanding, so to buy the Road Milling Holder is not conducive to processing, and choose not suitable for the Road Milling Holder, processing efficiency is not high, today We analyze the application of KHC tungsten steel Road Milling Holder, so that everyone in the future how to buy tungsten steel cutter, KHC cutter when we can help you solve the problem.

KHC Road Milling Holder application is very wide, involving the industry and more, then for the KHC tungsten steel cutter, mainly used in the following aspects.

KHC tungsten steel cutter

KH series: high-speed high-hardness Road Milling Holder (for HRC65 below) - TISIN coating, carbide outstanding advantages are high hardness, good heat resistance, high temperature hardness and compressive strength. Suitable for high-speed high-hardness material cutting.

KR series: high hardness cutter, mainly used for processing heat treatment of high hardness materials. (For HRC60 below) - ALITN coating, suitable for processing some special hard cast iron, austenitic stainless steel, heat resistant alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy, carbon steel, quenched and tempered steel.

KC series (for HRC60 or less) - TIALN coating: Universal Road Milling Holder.

KS series: for SUS class, such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, chrome nickel alloy, high temperature alloy, general steel, etc., it can be used for processing steel, but also for processing cast iron and nonferrous metals. Such alloys such as the appropriate increase in cobalt content, the strength can be high, can be used for a variety of difficult processing of rough processing and intermittent cutting.

KL series: suitable for processing with aluminum, which has a 2016 new DLC coating (relatively smooth surface), for non-ferrous metal materials, plastic, resin is very good. The

 The above categories are KHC tungsten steel cutter in the classification of several commonly used applications, I believe we read, we should know which Road Milling Holder used in the processing of what material above.

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