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How To Carry Out The Scraper Blade Maintenance And Rust
Oct 27, 2017

Ink Scraper Blade in the printing process continue to be friction, resulting in a certain wear, which led to the Scraper Blade, resulting in the gap, the knife edge becomes uneven and so on, making the ink layer of printed products is not smooth, the printing quality Greater impact. Moreover, the ink scraper strong wear resistance, so with the general grinding equipment is difficult to repair, which increased the difficulty of grinding. Grinding ink scraper should also pay attention to skills, including manual grinding and mechanical grinding two methods. In general, the quality of mechanical grinding uniform and stable, better than hand grinding. And hand grinding, the ink scraper because of the angle and pressure instability and affect the effect of grinding. In the process of sharpening, we have to hang the ink Scraper Blade vertical, before and after pulling the friction material, until the blade becomes smooth. In addition, we can also use the blade sharp knife (manual cutting knife or mechanical cutter) to cut a part of the blunt knife blade. But if the blade is damaged very badly, you need to change a new blade.

In our daily use of the Scraper Blade, most of the blades are made of stainless steel this material, but even so, if we maintain the incorrect or not maintained, so that the blade in such a long time, it is easy to rust of. So what about the situation, how can we rust the blade? Today Xiaobian manufacturers to bring some experience for everyone!

Scraper Blade derusting materials and tools:

Toothbrush a toothpaste, a clean rag, cleaner


1, the use of cleaning agents to remove the Scraper Blade performance of the remaining oil and dust, clean up after dry wipes dry.

2, we will use the daily use of toothpaste on the surface of the blade, according to the degree of rust to increase or decrease the amount of toothpaste, not a lot, can cover the rust on it;

3, the toothpaste evenly coated on the surface of the Scraper Blade to ensure that completely covered with rust, about two and a half hours can be placed;

4, with a rag to wipe the Scraper Blade surface, if the toothpaste dry, rub, then, will wipe the cloth, wring dry and then rub;

5, when encountered particularly serious rust, we can reverse the wipe, or then coated with toothpaste and then wipe;

6, the completion of the above steps can basically remove the rust on the blade, but in order to avoid the razor Scraper Blade again rust, we can wipe the performance of the blade wipe some of the cooking oil, which can also play a very protective role.

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