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Epoxy EP Scraper Blade Can Replace Carbon Steel And Other Materials Oh
Oct 27, 2017

Epoxy ep Scraper Blade can replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and other materials for textile, paper, food machinery, transportation, medical, coal, chemical and other departments. Such as the textile industry on the shuttle, shuttle rods, gears, joints, sweeps, buffer blocks, eccentric blocks, rod bushings, swinging effects such as impact wear parts. Papermaking industry to do the cover plate, wiper board, compaction parts, joints, transmission machinery seal shaft, partial guide wheel, Scraper Blade, filter, etc .; transport industry to do powder material hopper, silo, chute Of the lining.

General Scraper Blade classification is mainly two:

According to the material to the sub-scraper can be divided into metal-type scraper, rubber-type Scraper Blade, bamboo scraper, horn scraper and plastic scraper.

According to the function to points, scraper can be divided into flat knife, trowel, the combination of the two scraper.

ep Scraper Blade is the most critical part of the paper machine, it is the use of engineering plastics and synthetic resin technology and synthetic resin modification technology, ep scraper application of high performance fiber reinforced composite materials, ep Scraper Blade with the international advanced laminated one-time overall molding process Made a high-tech products, is China's three major development of new materials, one of the key areas. The ep Scraper Blade produced by Golden Shield Co., Ltd. is suitable for ceramic roller, dryer, chrome roll, calender roll and hard rubber roller. It is composed of carbon fiber and glass fiber. It has good self-lubricating property and good scraper effect. ,long life.

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