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Efficient Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit Market Mainstream
Jul 24, 2017

Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit as a wealth cutting tool, has been from the initial positioning of the consumables become a powerful tool to improve production efficiency, efficient Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit market trend is becoming more and more obvious, but also after the metal cutting market development The inevitable direction.

The development of high-quality Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit for the development of China's cutting tool is the direction of the inevitable. China's tool structure imbalance on the production of tools and demand is wrong, in the tool market structure out of control, to produce efficient advanced tool products is the last word, which can make the tool market changes. The domestic manufacturing industry has high-speed and efficient CNC machine tools and processing center number is rapidly increasing, modern and efficient advanced tool will gradually become the mainstream of the market. China's tool sales in the carbide tool-based efficient props accounted for less than 25, with the international market tool product structure is far from the domestic manufacturing industry can not meet the growing demand for Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit. Domestic manufacturing consumption of the tool, the proportion of carbide cutting tools has reached more than 50%, supply and demand structure out of the problem has been very serious, the consequences of a large number of excess high-speed steel cutting tools to low-cost export or domestic sales, while efficient carbide cutting tools But had to rely on a large number of imports.

This situation for the cemented carbide production is very embarrassing. The city as China's carbide production and development base, the origin of China's first five-year plan, initially the main development for the military industry. With 60 years of development, has become China and Asia's largest cemented carbide production base, our highly efficient Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit market mainstream trend will also become the focus. In countries where manufacturing is well developed, the market share of carbide cutting tools is dominated, especially in the market of highly efficient Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit, which is the strongest technical support and product support for social manufacturing. Efficient carbide tool is the main embodiment of the production of hard alloy, high value-added, high performance, high value of the use of efficient Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit is undoubtedly the most potential for metal cutting tool market mainstream.

Division I as the industry brand to lead China's carbide industry to the forefront of the world. Relying on 60 years of cemented carbide military production technology based on carbide cutting tools to improve the industrial chain for the solid backing to Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit industry forward-looking technology as a benchmark to the production and processing of carbide cutting blade The use of specific requirements for the basis of our production of carbide cutting tools, made of Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit, based on the quality, focus on the brand, to service and quality for the need to build a Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit cutter head friends wholesale production custom made.

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