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Do Not Let The Ink Scraper Blade Such A Big Pressure
Jun 20, 2017

How can the ink squeegee blade drop pressure? The following is a detailed description of how to outline the ink blade blade pressure.

The factors that affect the pressure of the squeegee are the size of the cylinder pressure, the difference between the hard and soft blades, the angle of the doctor blade and the plate cross, the greater the slope, the greater the pressure. Excessive pressure will reduce the rate of ink transfer, the printing plate, the blade wear more; too small pressure prone to dirty version or the emergence of scraper line. The sharpness of the knife depends on whether the new knife, sharpening the blade angle, the use of sandpaper (Whetstone) models. Scraper blade suitable for sharpness should be both effective to clean the ink, and do not produce a knife. Too sharp scraper blade is often prone to knife marks, while wear plate.

The distance between the contact blades and the reduction of the distance from the printing plate is conducive to the improvement of the ink transfer rate, but it is prone to a dirty version; conversely, it can effectively solve the dirty version and prevent some fine wire marks, but will reduce the ink transfer rate The Scraper blade formation and warping depends mainly on the device method, of course, may also be with the knife slot or blade, lining the foreign matter related.

 What are the main features of the ink scraper blade?

Today we come to you for a brief introduction to the main function of the ink blade blade device composition, our common ink scraper blade main function device has the following several:

1, scraper around the drive device

Some of the squeegees are driven by a separate motor, and some are driven by a slow drive by the main drive.

2, ink scraper clutch device

The clutch pressure of the squeegee is achieved by the cylinder through the manual reversing valve ventilation, which functions primarily to bring the blade into contact or from the plate roll.

3, ink scraper lifting device

The doctor blade lifting device is realized by the rack and pinion, which can realize the pressure regulation.

4, ink scraper angle adjustment device

The angle adjustment of the doctor blade is achieved by the worm, and the appropriate angle is of the utmost importance.

5, ink scraper plate device

The scraper plate consists of an upper splint, a lower splint, a scraper pad and a wiper blade, making it easy to adjust the amount of protrusion of the scraper.

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