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CNC Road Milling Holder Fixture Selection Principles Are What?
Sep 26, 2017

In the process of Road Milling Holder, CNC Road Milling Holder and fixture system is essential, a good tool to match the appropriate fixture system to fully play the use of CNC tool performance, so the choice of tool fixture system, we want Follow the following principles:

1, in the selection of CNC Road Milling Holder, usually need to consider the production of the product batch, production efficiency, quality assurance and economy;

2, in the production of small or developed, should be widely used universal combination fixture, only in the combination fixture can not be resolved when considering the use of other fixtures;

3, small batch or batch production may consider the use of special fixture, but should be as simple as possible;

4, in the production of large quantities can be considered the use of multi-station fixture and pneumatic, hydraulic CNC Road Milling Holder fixture.

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