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Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit Welding Process
Jul 12, 2017

As a cutting tool, Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit are widely used in the manufacturing and processing industry. Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit welding is the most commonly used cutting method. Carbide tool with tool steel, high speed steel tool welding is different. Due to the large difference in performance between steel and cemented carbide, especially thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient is different, heating or cooling when welding too fast, easily lead to excessive welding stress, so that the alloy blade cracks. Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit size specifications, the more serious the phenomenon of cracks.

Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit welding, should meet the following requirements:

1. welds should have sufficient strength to ensure that the maximum cutting amount of carbide cutting tools;

2. Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit is not allowed to crack;

3. In the welding layer and carbide, there should be no residual stress.

Welding carbide cutting tool height hc should be greater than the blade height of 3 times, generally 4-5 times the appropriate. Such as too small, after welding easily lead to alloy blade fracture, too large, in the welding layer tensile stress, may damage the alloy blade. YS8 Carbide tool is a common need for welding the use of Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit.

Carbide rapid heating and rapid cooling, due to uneven distribution of heat, may produce significant instantaneous stress.

In the rapid heating, the outer layer of cemented carbide stress, the middle layer of tensile stress. In the rapid cooling, the outer surface of the hard alloy tensile stress, and cause the alloy blade cracks. The heating is too slow and the welding surface is oxidized, resulting in a decrease in the welding strength. The welding process determines the quality of the weld, thus affecting the quality of the welded Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit.

Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit welding use, evenly heated knife and carbide chip, is to ensure the quality of welding one of the basic conditions. Uneven heating, there will be part of the welding is good, part of the welding is not good phenomenon, so that the welding strength. After reaching the welding temperature, according to the size of the alloy blade, should be insulated 10 ~ 30s, so that the temperature on the welding surface uniform.

After welding, the cooling rate of the carbide cutting tool should be 8 times lower than the permissible heating rate. Under normal circumstances, YT30 and YT15 Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit welding, should be placed in 150 ~ 200 ℃ dry sand, charcoal powder or mica powder in the slow cooling to reduce the cooling generated when the instantaneous tensile stress, reduce the possibility of cracks The

Solder and flux also need to be carefully chosen to ensure the quality and performance of the Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit.

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