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Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit, Tool Cutting Path And Service Life
Sep 26, 2017

Many people in the use of Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit, the tool when the tool is expected to get a longer life, and maximize the use of the efficiency of the tool. This requires us to affect the life of the tool has a considerable understanding of the factors, such as tungsten steel milling cutter to take the cutting path for the life of the tool has an impact, do not believe and look at the following analysis.

In order to obtain the longest life of the tungsten steel tool, the cutting edge should be kept as long as possible during the milling process for continuous cutting, preferably by milling. In this regard the contours of the contours of the best method, it can always cut along the direction of a tool, the force change is minimal. 

The imitation milling path is often mixed with the milling and reverse milling, which means that the cutting and frequent cutting and cutting, cutting and cutting processes are more susceptible to changes in workload and direction, changes in workload and direction Will cause the cutting force and tool bending changes, so that the tool has a chipping or abnormal wear.

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