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Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit Non - Standard Production And Processing
Jul 12, 2017

Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit non-standard production and processing, Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit custom made in accordance with the requirements of the customer cutting paper delivery requirements.

Improve production efficiency is the high quality of industrial production competitiveness, especially the improvement of tool product performance will directly affect the production efficiency of cutting operations. As a typical representative of superhard materials, the excellent cutting performance exhibited by the cemented Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit is beyond the reach of other tool materials. Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit as a modern manufacturing manufacturing wealth cutting tool, the use of more and more widely, its excellent performance has been deeply rooted in the production industry's most powerful tool products.

In order to meet the different cutting equipment for different materials cutting operations of the Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit to provide non-standard production and processing custom, in accordance with the requirements of the cutting equipment requirements of the tool size and standard drawings requirements, carbide cutting tools to provide non-standard processing.

As tungsten steel blade manufacturer, our company according to the needs of front-line customers to use friends, especially tape, plastic film, corrugated paper, packaging paper and other continuous and lasting cutting operations of the mechanized production requirements, selected 0.6um subcrystalline grain carbide Powder through the precision molding after the use of high temperature and low pressure sintering, alloy blade products within the metallographic structure of good density, to avoid the edge of the grinding and the use of the process of chipping in the phenomenon, to improve the cutting section of the finish and a cutting forming requirements; High-precision grinding machine grinding edge, high precision, smooth finish to the mirror effect sharp edges, cutting section is smooth, smooth, no hair clot no cloak; high hardness, sharp edges, good wear resistance, a loading and cutting Long working cycle, high-speed steel blade life of more than 10 times. According to customer drawings required to provide non-standard Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit precision production and processing, change the blade as a DC cutter drawings are as follows:

As non-standard Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit production and processing cycle is relatively long, generally takes 15-25 working days, the use of this demand for the needs of customers need to arrange a good time in advance, so as not to delay the normal production operations.

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