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Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit Is Very Durable
May 25, 2017

Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit are made of cemented carbide, which is made of refractory metal hard compounds and bonded metals made by powder metallurgy.

According to the size of the grain, can be divided into ordinary carbide, fine grain cemented carbide and sub-fine, ultra-fine grain cemented carbide, the new dual-crystal cemented carbide. Model manufacturers different models of different.

Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit (more precisely tungsten carbide and titanium carbide) is a common material in any kind of cutting tool: for example, saw blades, lathe tools, drills, drills and dental drill bits Are generally made of carbides. Carbides are widely used in such tools because they remain sharper for longer than most other materials. In addition, some ball-point pens use carbide balls, because such pens are more durable.

A tool such as a Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit, whose main body is made of steel. Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit are brazed to the saw blade. Excellent carbide tip is very durable, the use of time up to ordinary steel knife head twelve times.

Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit will eventually become blunt. You can grind them like ordinary steel tools, but they are hard, so use different grinding tools. Usually use diamond-coated tools or carbide grinding wheel.

As we all know, diamonds (pure crystal carbon) is the world's hardest material. Carbon silica - silicon carbide - the hardness is very close. Tungsten carbide and titanium carbide are made of metal and carbon compounds. Their hardness values in Mohs hardness are 8 and 9.

Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit tooling tools are not entirely made of carbides, partly because carbides are very expensive and pure carbide tools are brittle. In fact, steel is a better material for the main body of the manufacturing tool because it is stronger and will not crack and break.

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