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Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit Grinding Can Not Ignore A Few Problems
Jul 12, 2017

The company has established a professional Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit, round bar and other products finishing center, can provide customers with all kinds of Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit, alloy tools, professional grinding, grinding, finishing, deep processing and other services. For the local carbide customers to provide on-site docking, foreign customers to take freight and other services for customers to save costs.

Grinding wheel

Different types of abrasive grinding wheel suitable for grinding different materials of the tool. The different parts of the tool need to use the abrasive grain size is also different to ensure the best combination of edge protection and processing efficiency.

Alumina: used for grinding hss blades. Grinding wheel cheap, easy to modify into a different shape for grinding complex tools (corundum).

Silicon carbide: used to correct CBN grinding wheel and diamond wheel.

PCD.CBN blade (cubic boron carbide): for grinding hss tool. High price but durable.

Internationally, the wheel is represented by b, such as b107, where 107 is the size of the abrasive grain

Diamond: used for grinding hm tool, high price but durable. The wheel is represented by d, such as d64, where 64 is the size of the abrasive grain.


In order to facilitate the grinding of different parts of the tool, the wheel should have a different shape. The most commonly used are:

Parallel grinding wheel (1a1): grinding vertex angle, outside diameter, back and so on.

Discs (12v9, 11v9): grinding spiral groove, the main, vice blade, repair horizontal blade and so on

Grinding wheel after a period of use need to amend its shape (including the plane, angle and fillet r). The grinding wheel must always clean the chips filled with the abrasive grains with a cleaning stone to improve the grinding capacity of the grinding wheel.

3, grinding standards

Whether to have a good set of Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit is a measure of whether a grinding center is a professional standard. Grinding technology, the general provisions of the different cutting tools in the cutting of different materials when the cutting edge of the technical parameters, including the blade angle, vertex angle, rake angle, rear angle, inverted blade, chamfer, and so on parameters (in the Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit , The blade passivation process called "inverted blade", the width of the cutting edge and the cutting material, usually between 0.03-0.25mm. In the edge (knife tip) chamfering process called "chamfering" Each professional company has its own years of summary of the grinding standards.

Rear angle: size problem, the blade angle is very important for the tool. After the angle is too large, blade virtual easy to jump, easy "bar knife"; rear angle is too small, the friction is too large, cutting negative.

The rear corner of the Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit varies with material and blade type, blade diameter. In general, the back angle decreases as the tool diameter becomes larger. In addition, the cutting material is hard, then the horn is smaller, otherwise, the rear angle is bigger.

4, blade detection equipment

Blade detection equipment generally divided into three categories: knife instrument, projector and universal tool measuring instrument. The tool is mainly used for processing center and other CNC equipment, such as the length of the knife preparation (such as length, etc.), but also used to detect the angle, radius, ladder and other parameters; projector function is used to detect the angle, radius, The But both of them generally can not measure the back angle of the tool. The universal tool measuring instrument can measure the vast majority of geometrical parameters of the Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit, including the rear angle.

Therefore, the Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit professional grinding center must be equipped with universal tool measuring instrument. But there are few suppliers of such equipment, the market has German and French products.

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