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Basic Requirements Of NC Milling Cutter For Cutter
Feb 10, 2017

1, the durability of the cutter should be high

Especially when a lot of milling cutter processing content, such as the tool is not durable and wear faster, it will affect the surface quality of the workpiece and machining accuracy, and will increase the number of knife and knife caused by tool change, will make The work surface left by the knife knife error formed by the steps, reducing the surface quality of the workpiece.

2, cutter rigidity is better

One is to increase production efficiency and the need to use large cutting volume; the second is to adapt to the process of CNC milling machine is difficult to adjust the amount of cutting characteristics. For example, when the difference between the workpiece machining allowance varies widely, the general milling machine encountered this situation is very easy to take layered milling method to solve, and CNC milling process must be the path of the knife go forward, encounter margin Can not be like a general-purpose milling machine as "random."

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