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Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit Installation Precautions
Jun 08, 2017

Carbide material itself determines the characteristics of carbide cutting knife blade the importance of safe operation of the blade before installation, please do a good job protective measures to avoid falling blade caused by unnecessary loss of personal property safety.

1, listen to the sound test: Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit installation, please use the right index finger carefully bring up the blade and make the blade vacant, and then use the wooden hammer tapping the body, ear ear to listen to the sound of the body, such as issued Voiced blade, experience has proved that the body is often subject to external collision damage exists cracks, damage. This blade should be forbidden immediately. Prohibit the use of voiced cutters

2, the blade installation: Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit before the installation of the blade, please carefully clean the cutting machine in front of the rotation of the bearing surface of the dust, chips and other debris, to keep the bearing mounting surface and cut the machine clean and clean.

2.1, Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit carefully placed in the bearing on the installation surface, hand-cut the foot bearing to make it with the blade center automatically find the right.

2.2, mounted on the knife blade in the cutting blade and make the bolt hole and cut the foot of the bolt on the bearing hole alignment.

2.3, into the hexagon bolts, with a hexagonal wrench fastening screws to the blade firmly installed in the bearing.

2.4, Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit installed, there can not be loose and skew phenomenon.

3, security protection: the blade is installed, start the cut foot before the machine must be cut on the foot of the safety shield and other protective devices installed in place and play a real protective effect (cut the foot of the blade studio should be equipped with a safety baffle , Steel, rubber and other protective layer).

4, running speed: cut the work of the machine to limit the speed of 4500 rpm / min or less. Do not limit the speed of running off the foot machine!

5, test machine: Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit installed, to empty the car running for 5 minutes, and carefully observe the operation of the exclusion of foot cut, absolutely not allowed to have obvious loosening, vibration and other abnormal sound (such as cutting Foot bearing bearing a significant axial and end beating) phenomenon exists. If an abnormal phenomenon occurs, should immediately stop and ask the professional maintenance personnel to check the cause of the malfunction, to confirm the failure to completely exclude the normal, before use.

6, in the cutting process, please promote the need to cut the circuit board, should not be too fast to quickly promote the circuit board. When the circuit board and blade sharp collision, it will lead to blade damage (collapse collapse, hit the crack), or even serious security incidents.

7, Cap Carbide Grade Blade Bit cutting method: Do not use electric pen or other scratches on the blade to write or mark, to prevent damage to the body. The knife blade blade is extremely sharp, but very brittle, in order to avoid the blade injury personnel or blade accidental damage, do not touch the blade or touch the other metal hard objects. Standby blade should be handed over to the special staff to keep safe and well kept, and can not be put on hold to prevent damage to the blade or cause an accident.

8, the premise of production efficiency is safe operation, cutting operators must follow the relevant requirements in order to make cutting the foot of the knife in the cutting machine above the safe operation.

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