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Tool selection
Feb 10, 2017

The selection of the tool is carried out under the human-computer interaction state of NC programming. Should be based on machine tool processing capacity, the workpiece material properties, processing procedures, cutting and other related factors, the correct choice of cutting tools and tool holders. Tool selection of the general principles are: easy installation and adjustment, rigidity, durability and high precision. To meet the processing requirements of the premise, try to select a shorter handle, in order to improve the rigidity of tool processing.

Select the tool, to make the size of the workpiece to be machined workpiece surface size to adapt. Production, the plane of the contours of the peripheral parts processing, often using end mills; milling plane, should be selected carbide blade cutter; processing convex, groove, the election of high-speed steel end mills; processing rough surface or rough Hole, the choice of carbide inserts with carbide cutter; for some three-dimensional surface and variable bevel profile contour processing, often using ball end mill, ring cutter, cone cutter and disk cutter.

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