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Laser cutting machine to cut out the best results of the eight points
Feb 10, 2017

1, the cooling system to ground, often cleaning the tank and water, cooling temperature control tank temperature control point to be fair, otherwise the laser tube damage and condensation caused by the power drop tube cold head off, life is greatly shortened, and sometimes can not work, resulting in Constantly changing.

2, the laser cutting machine to install the fulcrum of the laser tube should be reasonable, the fulcrum should be in the laser tube length of 1/4, otherwise the laser tube spot pattern deterioration, some work for a period of time into a few spots, resulting in laser power decline To meet the requirements, resulting in constantly changing,

3, water protection should always check the cleaning, cooling water is often not washed water protection Float switch or water protection Float switch does not reset, can not be short-circuit method to solve the urgent needs.

4, the suction device should be regularly checked clean, clean the fan duct, or a lot of smoke dust row does not go out, grim and rapid contamination of the lens and the laser tube, so that the mechanical and electronic components easily caused by poor contact oxidation.

5, focusing mirror and mirror inspection, working for a frame on the fever, the lens surface color rust; Tuomo cracking are the object to be replaced, especially a lot of customers with air pumps and air compressors, so focus The lens quickly on the water, it is necessary to check the optical lens system on time and clean the quality of good or bad.

6, the laser cutting machine working environment can not be too bad, if the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees, below 18 degrees, too much dust, air pollution is grim, so the machine severely damaged, the failure rate rising; wet environment of the electrical accessories Very easy to go wrong.

7, power grid power to match.

8, the laser tube current to be fair, not long-term work in the light intensity of 90-100; to be fair application of laser and save laser energy; optical system to clean and accurate, otherwise cause the laser tube premature aging and rupture, the laser machine work Time should be adjusted in the 50-60%, and then adjust the speed of work under the material, this is the best laser tube working condition.

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