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BA50-26.5 Welding Bar Betek Cutting Picks

BA50-26.5 Welding Bar Betek Cutting Picks

BA50-26.5 welding bar betek cutting picks Package: Plastic box + Wooden pallet or Iron pallet More items: Betek Foundation Drilling BA01 BA04 BA09 BA10 BA13 BA24 BA32 BA38 BFZ26 BFZ72/B BA07 BHA02 BFR07 BHR133 BFZ162 BHR112 BHR39 BFZ65HM BHF02 BFZ80 BHR73 BFZ25R BFZ96 BP01 BP04 BP51 BPH02 BPH01...


BA50-26.5 welding bar betek cutting picks


Item No.



Foundation machine





Alloy tip



Could be customized





Package: Plastic box + Wooden pallet or Iron pallet

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Our product detail info:

we can supply you with products which are ideally tailored to your machine and drilling job - to give high feed rates, long service life and short change-over times together with high daily output. The tools are used for building foundation bridge erection road.

Main features

1. High durability due to wear-resistant tempered steel

2. High grade tungsten carbide tip

3. Excellent rotation (and thus uniform wear) and secure seating due to a clamping sleeve

4. High degree of solder quality

5. Extraction groove for easy tooth replacement


-- Our road bits are the most reliable choice, with more impact resistance, a stronger bond, and greater protection against tip loss!

-- Improved tip profile improves rotation for longer tool life—with less chipping in hard cuts!

-- Forged body design enhances wear characteristics to extend life and tool rotation!

-- Our special design ensures you to avoid patent conflict from Wirtgen or Betek or others. 

If you're interested in the ba50-26.5 welding bar betek cutting picks, welcome to buy the product in stock with our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. We also welcome the customized orders to make you 100% satisfied.

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